Suite 33 The Band

Suite 33 has been perfecting the art of live entertainment in hundreds of venues all over North America for the last 18 years.

From thousands in attendance to private parties of a few hundred, to intimate club gigs of a few dozens, crowds can’t help but get caught up in the awesome energy exploding from the stage. Any audience is captivated by the irresistible feel-good atmosphere.

Their secret weapon? Lead singer – Nicole. From the first note, Nicole sets the pace for the entire evening, engaging the crowd with her powerful vocals, high energy stage presence, and an arsenal of top forty songs at her disposal.

What makes her unique is her road-tested ability to read a crowd, control the momentum, and deliver an unforgettable performance, tailored to each audience. From Las Vegas to the Calgary Stampede, to the Florida Keys….this girl has seen it all!

Nicole is backed up as always by her brother, Marc (lead vocals, lead guitar), her sister, Lizette (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion), Brandon (drums) and Douglas  (bass, sound and lighting). These five talented musicians create the rock-solid driving force that adds to your entertainment value.

Equipped with live sound, programmable laser light show, and hundreds of songs, Suite 33 is guaranteed to take any party to the next level, performing the very best that music has to offer!

And They Said…

“Great voice, you guys sound really good tonight” – Flea – Bassist / Red Hot Chili Peppers

“She works the audience extremely well” – Jimmy Fulbright – Bassist / The Oak Ridge Boys

“They sound great, very tight” – Keith Kane – Guitarist, Vocalist / Vertical Horizon

“Incredible, she’s non-stop energy” – Ty Dennis – Touring Drummer / The Doors

“I’m getting exhausted just watching her” – Ray Bennell – Guitarist / Mary Wilson & The Supremes

“Number One Money Making Band” – Don Laughlin – Owner of the Riverside Resort / Laughlin, Nevada